We would love to provide a tour for you and any other family members or your loved one. Give us a call at 734-707-4039 to schedule something that is convenient for you. After the tour, if you are interested in moving forward, our owner and Recreational Therapist will provide an assessment for your family member to get to know them and see which home they would enjoy living in the most.

Memory Lane has 3 residences each with 6 private bedrooms. If all of the bedrooms are occupied, we are happy to add your loved one to a waiting list. Contact us today for a tour and to be placed on the waiting list!

Yes! We want Memory Lane to be the last (and best) place that your loved one lives. Memory Lane is equipped for residents at and until the end of their life. They get to live in their last home until their last breath with their new family and friends surrounding them.

We’ve installed a video security system as well as alarms on every exterior door and window. We should also point out that our staff to patient ratio is more than double what you’ll get at most other homes. Many facilities have a ratio of 1:10 during the day and up to 1:24 at night. Our ratio is 1 staff member for every 3 patients during the day and 1 for every 6 at night.

Our Memory Lane homes are beautiful 6 bedroom homes. It’s not “home-like”, but is actually a home. We have a great big deck on the back of the house where residents can enjoy the warmer months and spend time together doing activities that add purpose and fulfillment to every life. In fact, we’re sure you’ll want to live here, too!

Families are welcome and encouraged to visit all day long. You can also take your loved one home for a visit if you’d like!

Every day we’ll keep occupied with activities that make life feel purposeful. This includes daily exercise, social activities, craft projects, outings, cooking and light cleaning (even if it’s just cracking an egg or dusting a shelf), eating meals together, celebrating holidays, and other fun activities.

You can either come pick them up or pay an hourly rate for someone from Memory Lane Assisted Living to take them. We’re happy to help! We do, however have an in house physician, Podiatrist, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Hospice services, and hair dresser to meet all of their needs in house if you choose to use them.